Dying Matters 'Day of the Dead' Resource Pack

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We have put together a fabulous pack to help you celebrate the 'Day of the Dead'. The aim is to acknowledge that death is a natural part of the human experience.

Included in the pack are:

50 'Day of the Dead' leaflets which provide information and ideas on how to organize your own events.

30 'Five Things To Do Before I Die' leaflets

30 'What To Do If Someone You Know Has Been Bereaved' leaflets

30 'Putting Your House in Order' leaflets

30 'Being There' leaflets

50 'What Can You Do in Your Community?' leaflets

30 'Funeral Wishes' leaflets

50 'Five Things I Want To Be Remembered For' A6 postcards

5 'Day of the Dead' posters

24 Dying Matters stickers

For more resources and ideas on how to celebrate the Day of the Dead see the dedicated sections on our website and shop.

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